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At Tiger Gate Gym, our commitment is to foster a thriving training community for individuals passionate about bodybuilding and powerlifting. We've eliminated sign-up fees for all memberships, prioritizing accessibility for fitness enthusiasts. Our gym is designed to accommodate a maximum of 400 regular memberships, implementing a soft cap once this number is reached.

Excitingly, we've already welcomed the 250 members into our fitness family. As we open our doors to the next 150 enthusiasts, we're offering $99/month until we reach our cap of 400 members. It's important to note that all our memberships grant round-the-clock 24/7 access to Tiger Gate Gym, ensuring flexibility to fit your schedule.

Join us in creating a dynamic and supportive fitness community at Tiger Gate Gym!

How to self-purchase membership and access to the gym: pick your preferred plan, select 'member' at the top, fill out all the forms, and send the payment. Download the KISI app on your phone, and use your membership registered email to register KISI. You will able to connect Tiger Gate door access. Tap your phone to the reader at the front door, or click the LOCK button when you are near the front door to unlock the door.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 425-241-6204. 

Membership spots remaining: 134. 
Updated on Jun 22. 2024.
  • Monthly Membership

    1 year


    $99.00 / month Select
  • Pay-in-full (One Year) Membership

    1 year


    $988.00 / year Select
  • 6 month membership

    6 months


    $539.00 Select
  • Single Month

    1 month


    $139.00 Select
  • Single Week

    1 week


    $79.00 Select
  • Day Pass

    1 day


    $29.00 Select
  • Two-day Pass

    3 days

    2 sessions

    $49.00 Select
  • Punch Card (10 Times Access )


    10 sessions

    $209.00 Select

Day pass is only valid for 24 hours after purchase (one time access). 

Two-day Pass is only valid for two consecutive days. 

Week Pass is only valid for one week after purchase. 

Single month is only valid for one month after purchase.

Punch Cards are valid for 12 months. 

Note: A cancellation fee will be applied to your membership if you sign up with a year monthly payment and cancel your membership during the subscription, which is the amount of one month of your payment. (e.g, if you pay for 12 months but cancel after 5, you'll be charged for the 6th month.)

Prices do not include tax. There will be a 1.99% process fee for each card transaction. ACH payment is recommended if an individual prefers to pay no process fee.